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Temple Zero?

Welcome fans. We promised you a deeper dive into the Temple Zero Universe in the first issue, and that’s exactly what we’ve got in store for you today!

So, last week we revealed a little bit of information about Temple Zero describing what it was by just its outer shell. Here is a little recap of what you may have missed!

“So, it’s been quite a long time since we’ve released any information on the development of our new game now in production. What we’ve released”

Genre: Survival/Horror with FPS Multiplayer

POV: 3rd/1st

Platform(s): Xbox/PC

Multiplayer: (Limited) game is very story-based.

DLC: Free!

Loot boxes: NO!

In Temple Zero, we are focusing on story elements to the game’s ongoing ever-expanding campaign. We are focusing on a brand-new experience for players to play two campaigns where the multiplayer character is part of the canon Temple Zero universe. We will dive into that a bit more later on in the future.

In this issue, we’re exploring the recently edited assets in the Temple Zero universe rather it be alien worlds, ships, vehicles, weapons, technology, and the major players of its various factions—complete with stunning, never-before-seen art.

As a reminder: You can join our official Discord Server for updates and sneak peaks at our new content and story drips.

Additionally, since last we spoke, we have the character model of the main character. Design is subject to change.

That’s quite enough preamble, don’t you think? It’s time to look at some cool screengrabs from behind the scenes on the development.


One of the great highlights of the development has been, of course, the sheer volume of incredible talent that has brought to life so many things in the Temple Zero universe which previously existed only in the mind’s eye.

Let’s go over a few, shall we? Maybe take a look at some of the pieces in enhanced, unfettered view…


The layout and structure the campaign build inevitably necessitated that the arrangement of things like lighting and cool decals. Below are some pictures of before and after.

This image was to test some of the lighting, and you can thank our lead developer Drew Caudill for what he has brought forward to the table.

Going Red?

Yet another surprise from Drew Caudill. We have more to share at a later date.

Here, however, we have an opportunity to show the full spread of some of these pieces for various elements of the Temple Zero universe and we’re excited to have had the opportunity to depict some of them for the first time.

Art by Ezra Romanov

UN1-KRN Class Armor, a construct that serves as an armor for the developers for all their hard work. Its shape and form feels… familiar, does it not?

Art by Elizebeth C.

Together, they escaped the devastating assault on the capital of Makavas where Taven seized control of all of the nearby planets and attempted to fire upon them to destroy at least one.

Wild West World
Art by Yuriki


Tiffany Do

Ezra Romanov: So, Tiffany, can you tell us a little bit about you?

Tiffany Do: I always stood out in my youth for my off thinking. It wasn’t that it was off, but I just thought different than others. I’m an aspiring voice actress but I do like a good challenge, and marketing was that challenge. It was hard to do this once I established my family, but I still yearned for that challenge. I joined FOTUS LLC because in a sense I understood Ezra. It was an amazing idea in the process, and I wanted to hop on! As an aspiring actress I understood everything starts from scratch, I wanted to help bring it up from scratch into reality, Unfortunately the team for voices was full, but I saw that marketing was open and took it, I have studied marketing and running a small restaurant in Tennessee, I leveled up in experience more then you could imagine. I’ve been with Ezra since the beginning, when the script was being written. I stand by him 1000% and this too is like a child to me, to see it grow into reality from that idea is something I could never buy or would trade. Also knowing the back story to this project makes it that much more special. I’m planning on seeing this into the end!

Until the next time everyone!

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